Director Expectations

The Corporate Governance Committee (CGC) of CanAlaska Uranium Ltd (the “Company”) has developed this list of expectations of its board of directors. The CGC committee members have the responsibility of insuring that all existing directors and any new incoming members have a complete orientation in connection with the Company’s expectations. The directors of the Company must be familiar with and understand the duties and responsibilities of the directorship. These guidelines will be reviewed on an annual basis and amended or revised as may be required from time to time.


Each director is expected to:

  • upon appointment file necessary documentation with the regulatory agencies
  • participate fully and frankly in discussions and deliberations
  • encourage free and open discussion of the affairs of the Company by the directors
  • speak independently of management
  • exercise good judgement and act with integrity
  • use his or her experience, abilities and influence fully and constructively
  • demonstrate high ethical standards
  • maintain a solid understanding of the role, responsibilities and duties of a director
  • respect confidentiality by keeping confidential any information about the Company that has not been disclosed to the public


Each director shall:
demonstrate skills and experience that are complementary to the other directors, and that a valuable with respect to the Company’s business and strategic direction

  • serve as a helpful resource to the board and management when necessary
  • participate in ongoing training and continuing education as may be desirable
  • develop and maintain a strong understanding of the Company’s business, operations, financial position and industry.


Each director shall:

  • attend at least 75% of the 4 board meetings per year either in person or via teleconferencing;
  • prepare for meeting by reviewing materials and agenda prior to meeting
  • be an available resource to the managing directors
  • devote the time required to be of effective service to the board
  • advise the CGC chair of any circumstances that may affect his or her ability to function effectively as a director
  • be aware of any potential conflicts of interest — real or perceived — and disclose and abstain from voting when required


Each director shall:

  • assist with the development of the strategic direction of the Company
  • participate on committees when asked
  • identify business risks and recommend appropriate remedies
  • evaluate the Company’s performance
  • assist in maximizing shareholder value
  • undertake to understand and be in compliance with all of the Company’s policies
  • report any policy non-compliance issues

Approved by the Board of Directors of CanAlaska Uranium Ltd. — June 23, 2008.