CanAlaska Environment, Health & Safety Policy

CanAlaska Uranium Ltd. and its subsidiaries explore, in an environmentally responsible manner, while maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. We are committed to the mitigate risk to achieve a high level of occupational health and safety and to the protection of the environment.

To fulfill this commitment, we are actively engaged in:

  • developing, implementing and continually improving the effectiveness of safety, health and environmental management systems, and prevention of pollution;
  • assisting staff to surpass all applicable legal and regulatory safety, health and environmental requirements, policies and codes of practice, and to work with Aboriginal peoples;
  • reducing the risk of injury or occupational health exposure;
  • developing and maintaining a culture of environmental responsibility and an awareness of the primary importance of safety and health;
  • using sustainable processes, practices, procedures and materials that avoid adverse effects on air, water and soil and maintain the environmental health of the communities in which we operate;
  • commencing the monitoring of effectiveness and reviewing, safety, health and environmental management programs, objectives and targets; and
  • providing adequate resources for safety, health and environmental program.